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Early Stages

In early stages of technology development, each company faces challenges related to the protection of the IP, as well as its strategic management. Therefore, an IP knowledge management center will be embedded on the project platform, and a dedicated “helpdesk” will allow them to request support.

IP valorisation

The next step is shifting the focus and progressively adapt an EU-wide perspective to develop a holistic business development strategy. Startups and SMEs needs will be met by the services to be developed. Through the dedicated platform and events organized in the scope oft he project, partnerships with key organizations and innovation ecosystems will be sought at this level.

Accelerate your business

LeadershIP4SMEs seeks to aggregate and emphasize the available information, but also to highlight success stories, share bests practices and leverage them to stimulate the enrolment and the participation oft he Start-ups and SMEs to adopt a wider vision leveraging IP as a strategic asset to occupy a key position on the EU Single Market an use it as a springboard for access to funding and their development on the larger international landscape.