IPA4SME IP Protection Co-financing

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Partial reimbursement of the costs associated with the IP registration process. This support will be provided through 2 distinct services

EPO fee reimbursement: For each EPO patent application, beneficiaries will receive 75% of the corresponding EPO fee with a limit of 2.500 EUR per patent application. This service will be limited to 5 applications per SME

IP attorney fee reimbursement: For each patent application process beneficiaries will receive 50% of their IP attorney costs up to 2.000 EUR. The IP attorneys must be entitled to act before the EPO. There is no limit to the number of applications for this service but each application must be associated with a unique patent application process.

To be eligible for the service SMEs must be holding  a Seal of Excellence awarded in the context of the H2020 SME instrument which is not older than 3 years. Furthermore, SMEs must be incorporated in a EU or COSME country.



Institution (managing):

CARSA, Universidad de Alicante, GOPA Com.

Sector focus:


Start and end date:


Type of service:

Type of IPR targeted by the service:

Purpose of IPR service:

Costs or economic value:

Partial reimbursement of costs related to IP protection

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